Polygate Management & Consulting AG provides contractor, employment and payroll administration services to Swiss and foreign companies, private clients, as well as individual professionals doing business in Switzerland.

Polygate is a Swiss company based in Zurich. It is managed by a Swiss lawyer, Andreas Oberle, who was previously with one of the big four accounting firms. All staff are highly trained and experienced professionals.

Polygate is affiliated with Henley & Partners, a specialized legal and tax services firm. It is therefore also in a position to provide integrated advisory services with regard to all legal, immigration and tax issues. Polygate is also a member firm of IFLN and swissnetwork.com.

As required by law, Polygate is Government licensed and bonded . It is officially authorised by the Canton of Zurich as well as by the Federal Authorities of Switzerland to conduct contractor employment and recruitment business on a national and international level.

Like its clients, Polygate places emphasis on reliable, efficient service and impeccable quality. As the company is focused on its core area of expertise, all clients are assured a consistent and outstanding quality of service.

For more information and to learn how Polygate can assist you, please contact us.

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Polygate is licensed and bonded by the Canton of Zurich as well as the Swiss Federal Government.